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About Us

Antique Fairs with a difference

Halcyon Fairs unlike many Fairs organisers, have an advantage of being run by an antiques dealer
with over 40 years experience of the trade. This insight into what is important for an exhibitor and
having known what the business is like from the other side of the stall means that at all times we
endeavor to make attending a Halcyon Fairs event as pleasurable experience. We keep a finger on
the pulse of changing trends in tastes and although we have an excellent presentation of traditional
antiques we also embrace design classics from more recent times.

As a visitor to a Halcyon Fairs event you are guaranteed to find a refreshing cross section of items for
sale, with experienced friendly dealers. The antiques fair at the Buxton Pavilion Gardens has been
popular for 40 years and has enjoyed this popularity due to the quality and variety that is a hallmark
of this fair. If you have items you wish to sell this is also a great place to visit to ensure you get the
best price for items you wish to dispose of. We hope to see you soon.

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